Weekend Away Thoughts

This coming weekend we are heading to a cottage with long-time Friends Donann & Steve.  We met decades ago when I was starting up a natural food club in Toronto…  Our sons grew up together, until young adult-hood & many moves caused them to grow apart.

They are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, and we have been trying to maintain a relationship together, so we planned this weekend getaway.

Donann is one of my ‘crazy-maker’ friends.  Over the years I have learned to set boundaries, which she recognizes and has resented at times. We are now in our 50s, and her husband has been living with MS for around 20 years.  Steve – a gorgeous British guy, is as charming on his scooter as he ever was. It is hard to see the disease progress.  Somehow I thought his wiry strength would blow MS away.

One of the reasons we bought a bungalow was so we could have Mother-in-law & Steve to visit.  The tall skinny house had narrow stairs and a 2nd floor bathroom. The one time MinL came to visit I was terrified that she would fall.  Many strong arms helped her up and down the stairs that weekend.

It feels good to have the ability to have our friends and family to visit again, who have mobility issues.

Back to the weekend…  I am torn between exhaustion and the need to continue to nest in my new home, and the yearning for a lake to swim in, a cottage to play cards in.  We need this weekend away.

Young James the Cat is reverting to his bad, bad behaviour.  This morning he wanted John to get up, and he peed on him in bed.  This is the 3rd time. Not a nice experience.

I have this atomizer spraying calming phermones  in the house since before the move, and I thought it was helping…  But James is spiteful.

We shall begin to feed the cats before bed, and make sure the food dish is full.  We had to stop leaving food out at all times when we had Louie living with us, since Louie was grossly overweight and would keep eating non-stop.

Louie has been gone since April, so we can change back to having food out.

But I think he needs a visit to the vet for some kitty drugs.


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