Meandering Garden Thoughts

Last night we went to the community garden near our old house.  I picked my first few small tomatoes : black plum, yellow pear…  The larger varieties are slower coming.  The plot had to fend for itself for two weeks and we had zero rain so it was quite straggly by the time we checked up on it.

Earlier this week we had rain, and the plants are looking much happier.

A creature [vole?  rabbit? skunk?] had eaten many of my beets, so I had to remove what was left last night.  Middle Son and I intend on pickling some beets this weekend, especially since I [think I] missed out on dill season.

Tried Ground Cherries from the shared community plot – and really like them.  I plan on growing some at my new house next year.  An interesting plant.

With our large front and side yards at the new house [which I will now refer to as the Cedar Cottage], I will plant gooseberries and currant shrubs, like we had at our country house.  They never took off in our tiny inner city garden.

The excitement of planning a new space.


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