Small Goals

Coming down from our 6 week wondrous move, Husband and I are both physically and emotionally exhausted.  A good exhaustion for sure, but one that leaves me still weary in the morning, when it is time to rise.

My small goal last night was to hang the bedroom and kitchen curtains. This was done, and then I watched a movie in the basement with Middle Son and rolled into bed.

Tonight my small goal is to clear the dining area of empty boxes and finally wash the floor.  Small tasks like washing or vacuuming helps me to bond with my new space.  But simple tasks are all I can muster this week.

On the weekend we are both free and I will not book anything.  We might go for walks in the neighbourhood if the weather is good, we might visit the community garden.  But nothing else. Regaining energy takes time and I feel so slow this week.


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