Free from a Madman

After the last stressful few days, the house finally closed and we are free of it.  Free from the Madman who lived next door.

Stress eases away from my centre.  I am left with this deep exhaustion mixed with a lightness I have not felt in years.

And I want to sleep.  And I want to tidy and unpack.  And I ease into the new sounds and smells of this new area.

The mosquitoes are intense.

Last night I forced husband to sit on the swing with me.  The old owners left it, and although it is a little bit tired, it is in a perfect corner under two large cedars.

We were at a nearby nursery on Saturday and I picked up some [leftover] perennials to plant in the dry wasteland of the front garden.   We planted them yesterday and then watched a storm approach over from the west.

Everything did get a great soaking.

Not always calm, it is certainly getting better.


2 thoughts on “Free from a Madman

  1. thank goodness,
    try and imagine that episode of your life as a big book
    , probably black or a crappy grey, lol,
    then put a belt around it and LOCK it shut, then burn it, then bury the ashes,,,
    best wishes to you my friend, new beginnings,
    day by day,
    thats all you can do,,

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