One step forward, 2 steps back. Oh well.

And so the week crawls to an end…  Tonight the final walk through.  This moving endeavor has kept us on a roller coaster since day one, with this week of crazy just that extra dig we didn’t need.

And the Blue Moon! Tomorrow – the 2nd full moon of the month.  No doubt the neighbour will have an especially crazed night.  Not my problem.

The last move of stuff to the new house from the old did something to the front tire and now we have a dead truck in the new-house driveway.  One more visit to the house with keys and Husband will have to tighten the cold-handle on the shower.  Then we will make our goodbyes.

Our Tall Skinny House in the city.  So many hard, hard years.  I said to Husband the other day, that it was tragic that none of us feel sad leaving.  It’s not the fault of the house, though.  Just the evil that buffets the walls at a steady stream.

I feel as though the next 6 months I will be coming down slowly.  No more fear.  No more Adrenalin rushes when I hear his mumbles or see his face.  Not until I drop those keys will I feel free.

And sobriety went to hell in a hand basket this week.  There has been wine-drinking on the deck.

Time to try, try again.


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