Cleaning up the garden

We’ve been working non-stop to empty our Springer home over the last week.  We have completely emptied the house from attic to basement.

So yesterday we go to do some more work in the yard and garage and we discover that nearly anything not tied down has been stolen.  We did discover that our barbecue propane tanks had disappeared between Saturday and Sunday, but we thought it was a random thing.

But my small garden bench and pots, hand tools, recycle bins, random planters, a metal bucket, a cat candle and some rocks, all missing.  Stunned, I turned around and saw my property, neatly piled in the neighbours’ yard.  I could see through the slits in the fence.

I was in shock.  I knew they were evil.  I knew it.  But I always felt safe in the garden.

We called the police.  And I cleaned the house.  Shaking.  And then I called and cancelled the police.  Because I’m afraid of what he’d do to my house.  My clean, empty house.  It does not close until Friday.

I just turned my back. Because I need the house to be safe from a madman.

For a few more days.


3 thoughts on “Cleaning up the garden

  1. wow, that neighbor should be in jail,, I know I would have cancelled that call as well, those items no matter how precious aren’t worth risking that idiots wrath, wow, that guy has problems!


  2. I am so.glad you are getting OUT!!!! Leave the crazy behind and start fresh.
    My house holds a lot of bad memories for me. Our new place will be ours to make whatever we want. 🙂


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