Still in the Middle

But edging towards completion.

The move continues.  Too many late nights, too many boxes, too much lifting and carrying.  We moved over our bedroom last night and slept in our new room.  It was quiet. Middle Son had slept there a few nights already and he warned us about the quiet, but until I finally lay in my bed some time after midnight, I finally experienced silence.

In our inner-city house the sounds of Main Street were ever in the background.  Sirens and motorcycles and voices bouncing off the school.  And light from the street always shining in on us, through the stained glass window.

This neighbourhood goes to sleep.

Yesterday morning as we lay in our bed in our old house, the early morning mutterings of our evil neighbour were especially creepy.  He was singing a little song about us leaving, in the dark, in the pre-dawn as he took his dog for a walk.  We both heard, as our fan was off, and we both laughed at the weirdness, knowing that it was the last morning we would hear his mutterings in the dark. It was a bitter-sweet laughter though, as we have come to realize the extent of his abuse, his bullying, the closer we are to escaping it.

One more week to wind down the move.  Tomorrow is appliance day, with many strong backs and a special dolly to help with the stairs.  Youngest Son and Daughter will be moved over as well.

The internet will be hooked up today.

Two de-humidifiers have been purchased, one for old house, one for new.  After the move is finished, the smaller one will go to Eldest Son and Lovely Lu for their new home. We even turned on the air conditioning at the old house to help with air circulation. We haven’t used it in years, but thought it better to give it a good run before the new people move in, in case it stutters when they take possession.

Moving ‘day’ for them is next weekend.

Our cats are all at the new house as well, they have been so upset.  James has been hiding under the sofa for the last week, as the furniture began to vanish and Kiki has been licking the fur off her belly, more than usual.  It was interesting to see how they adjusted to the new space, nervous but we could tell they were relieved to see their ‘stuff’ around.  We had four cats in our room last night, and when we left for work this morning two were on our bed and one in the window.

That is where I am at right now.  Lots still to do, but feeling as though we are on the other side now.


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