In the Middle of It

It being the move.

The house has the best energy.  As I was wiping out the old cupboards on the weekend, I kept thinking how much I love this house already.  The energy inside is uncluttered.  Even our sons who were moving furniture for us over the weekend in a heat wave were thrilled.

I was living in a war zone of negativity, and freedom is within reach.

Young James-the-cat has been spraying inside due to stress.  I picked up an atomizer to plug into the wall that leaks happy-pheromones into the house to help calm down the cats.  The towers of boxes were fun for awhile, but now many of them have disappeared and the furniture is vanishing as well…  The cats are very confused and concerned.

I smudged the house yesterday with sweet-grass.

I love the smell of sweet-grass.

Two more weeks and we are there for good.


One thought on “In the Middle of It

  1. in a short few weeks this all will be nothing more than a memory, all behind you all good from now on, I love that you saged the place, but all the sage in the world will never help that evil neighbor of yours, good riddance to him!!!
    I think moving is one of the most stressful things but at last you have an immediate connection with your new place, thats a bonus for sure, its like you’re going home finally,


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