Casting out the Darkness

We get our new home in one week and I am beyond excited.  Really, really excited.  Some things need to be wrapped up still, but all in all we are taking care of business.

This move is the catalyst for great change in my life.  Bills will be paid on time. Clean slate on debt. The light will literally shine in on us because the new house is bright – so bright.  The narrow city house with the shadows in and out will be a thing of the past.

Is it wrong of me to blame everything on the evil neighbour next door?  All I know is that it has taken every ounce of energy over the last nine years to keep it together.  But we faltered.

Moving into the light now.

The community garden has helped.  It has been a place of moist green – full of life.  When we work there, we feel enriched, and we feel healed.

Perhaps the garden saved us.

Playing in the life.


One thought on “Casting out the Darkness

  1. somehow I forgot you started a new blog! I found you!!!! I am so happy for you and that house sounds amazing!!!Anything to be away from that evil man,,,, kind of pity the people that bought your house!!


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