Monday Bliss

What a blissful rainy weekend.  I know it will only add to my tasks this week once the grass dries out…  the lawn at the community garden is desperate to be cut and our tiny yard is filling with green at an alarming rate.  The new owners will wonder what they bought if we don’t tame it a bit.

On Friday we had our home inspection at the new house. [I call it The Cottage in my mind.]  We didn’t hire anyone to do the inspection, but went through with Gino our real estate agent.  He is handy like Husband, so together they examined all the nooks and crannies while I measured the windows and floated about in pure bliss.

I have relationships with buildings, and I knew from the first moment I walked into the little building it was for me.  Good energy.  Happy energy.

The Cottage is all one level, with massive windows which will allow the sunlight to stream in.  It has honey-stained hardwood floors and high ceilings.  It is opposite of our present home, which is tall and skinny with dark brick and stained glass windows.

The Cottage will be my house of whimsy, regaining my lighter side.  When I am in the house I radiate happy. I can feel happiness oozing from me.  My soul has yearned for this safe place for so many years.

I began to pack as well.  And we went to Ikea to price out affordable curtains for the massive living room window – 7 feet width by 6 feet height.  South facing.  I will be able to sun myself in the winter months for my vitamin K.

Had Heather over for supper last night, sans wine, all well.  Sobriety is moving along, day by day.  I am not counting days.  My intention is to move into this new home as a non-drinker. Living sober is very different.  Before, always at the back of my mind was making sure there was something for me to drink at the end of the work day, or that what I had at home was enough.  Now, I have more time in the evenings.  Who would have thought that drinking was time consuming? At home in the evenings I make herbal tea, and now I don’t even bother using my wine glasses, I just use a mug…

We are drinking more soda.  Not pop, but flavoured soda water.  I go easy on it because there is some sugar in some of the flavours, but refreshing after work like a beer was refreshing.

I love how I feel not drinking.  I love the changes I feel taking place in my body and my life.


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