I need a little normal.

Searching for normal.

We sold our house last week and have been on the rollercoaster of trying to buy in a hot market ever since.  I am fussy.  My original goal : a driveway, garage, 3 bedrooms and a yard large enough for a vegetable garden expanded into : No funky smells, dry basement, please a dining room, have to have hook-up for my gas range…. and so on.

And quiet.  We have lived in a very inner-city, close to a busy road area for nearly nine years.  I am weary of the yelling, the motorcycles, the middle-of-the-night races down Main Street, the squirrels eating nearly everything that blooms in my garden including the christmas lights…

Every time we viewed a house my list grew.

Husband wanted a modern kitchen.  I didn’t.  All the renovated kitchens looked alike : Dark brown cabinets with a brown/beige mix of skinny tiles.  I want whimsy.  I need to manipulate colour.  It’s what I do.

Last night we found this cottage-like home in a lovely neighbourhood where people like to garden and care for their lawns. It is quaint.  It is clean.  Not perfect, but so – right.  We’re putting in an offer, it will take some time because the owners are apart and the offer has to go to both and one is way up north and has to go to his agent’s office to see the offer ect.

I can wait.  I might be moving in a month.  New energy, new surroundings, new neighbours, new shops and walks.  A bike ride away from work.

I am exhausted and need some time at my garden…


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