A whirlwind.

Yesterday we listed our home, after a lot of intensive de-cluttering and cleaning and painting and tweaking…  We listed high, so we could have some wiggle-room.  We live in a 85 year old home in the city.  We have knob & tube wiring and old lead pipes.  My hardwood floors show their age and my kitchen is quaint [primitive]. No dishwasher.  Small. No cupboard doors. So we needed some wiggle room.

The housing market in my city has become very hot as Toronto people look outside their area for affordable homes. Thank you Toronto!

I arrived at work yesterday planning on leaving halfway through the day to go home and assist with the virtual tour people but pretty much as soon as I arrived my cell started going off. And it went off all day long. No work here was completed. My adult children were thrown out into the rain to seek shelter so people could see the house.

Seven showings yesterday – and two offers at 8:30pm. We sold $41,000 over our list price. It was amazing.

Our cats were traumatized, one pooped under my desk in the attic, another [or the same one, who knows] threw up on the front hall carpet – but the house sold.

So now we need to find a house but I am putting it out there to the universe to keep helping me out.

Three weeks wine-less today. My pants are a little looser as my body adjusts. I am still feeling strong with my non drinking.

Now that the house is sold, I can breathe again.


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